We are proud to carry what we think are the most inspiring and high quality hair styling products available. All our hair product lines are Sulfate and cruelty free.

Innersense. Innersense is a Bay Area company that most everyone can get behind with their practically flawless stance as organic, non carcinogenic, biodegradable, and a 100 % essential oil based fragrance. Best of all it works and works well with a clean and light scent. Who needs silicone when you have their Quiet Calm leave in conditioner? Innersense just received the Best of the Best award form Your Healthy life, an advocacy group much like consumer reports but focused on all things green and organic from food to clothing, bedding and personal care. To that point they are completely toxin free.

Kevin Murphy. We extend our carbon footprint to our friends "down under" who bring us organic, sulfate free hair products that win our hearts with fantastic packaging and exotic smells in each container.

Organic Color Systems. This is the first range of long-lasting, permanent hair colors containing certified organic extracts and natural ingredients, which have been formulated to cover all grey hair. This ammonia-free hair color maintains the hair’s essential moisture and protein levels, so the hair is not damaged by the coloring process.